Twitter Finally Launches A WordPress Plug-In

Yes yes.. We know that there are countless WordPress plug-ins to display your feed on your WordPress site, however in the nine years that Twitter has been tweeting its way into our everyday lives, they have never made an official plugin for the WordPress platform that so many of us love.


So what will the Twitter plug-in do?

    • It allows 1 click sharing so visitors of your site can easily tweet your content
    • It will help you add a follow button to your layout
    • It will automatically Build Twitter Cards when you share things to Twitter
    • It will allow you to embed tweets into your site and have them match your theme by customizing colors, borders, backgrounds, etc.
    • It will track conversions if you are running an ad campaign through Twitter

While all of this is great, there are many other plug-ins that do the same tasks and some may even be a little easier to use. So if you are currently using one you like, you could probably pass on this. Having said that, we always love using the “official” plugins and will probably integrate this into all of our sites relatively quickly.

With my limited experience with the plugin, I can say that it is a very nice plugin that wraps a lot of the features most bloggers need into one package.

The official plugin can be found HERE

Happy Blogging!